Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Fun at Grandma's

We are continuing to have a great time here at my parent's house. My sister Rachel is in Asia for business until Thursday, so her boys are here as well. Gabe really wanted to take some pictures of the baby birds around here for her to look at. There is a nest on a gutter where the eggs have hatched and there are a couple of fuzzy little birds peeking out. Also, at the bottom of the road up to my parent's house a Killdeer bird has made a nest in the ground. Her eggs kind of look like rocks. Everytime we stop to check it out she gets really vocal and puffs up her feathers to make herself look bigger. The daddy bird will fly in and try to distract you by laying on the ground and faking an injury. It is pretty neat to watch.

We took all the boys to my Aunt Dinah's to go swimming in her pool. They all enjoyed themselves. Elijah got brave and was jumping off of the diving board, but as soon as I wanted to take a picture of him doing it he decided he would just rather lower himself into the water. The lifejacket got in the way a little bit as you can see in the picture.

Last night Jonah and Grandpa checked out the skating rink in Prosser before they came home. They found out that if you ate dinner there between 5-8 you could skate for free. So we took all the boys down there and burned up some energy. Jonah is doing great on the roller blades and Isaiah and Gabe worked hard to make it around on their skates. Elijah got out there in the mix as well but was not quite as determined as the bigger boys were. We had the place all to ourself, which made it really fun.

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